Faithful Scholars Accountability Group


Faithful Scholars is an S. C. Third Option Accountability Association helping homeschoolers  navigate legally and confidently in South Carolina. In addition, we offer support in the forms of workshops, retreats, current e-mail alerts and reminders, as well as assistance for all academic levels, including college-bound students. For college-bound students, we offer class ranking, high school diplomas, and official transcripts. Our philosophy is that we are nurturing souls rather than creating ‘products’ to be measured.  More about what we offer…


end of day joyTo love, praise and serve God in this life through encouraging and equipping homeschooling families, as well as honoring each family’s approach to education; knowing that each of us home-educate for a variety of reasons, always aiming to educate above reproach, in order to send our children forth with a stronger foundation for all of life.